Your Emergency Partner in Oregon. Drive with Roadside Assistance Coverage

If you're still in business, we assume you take good care of your trucks. You probably have certified technicians that check your trucks for possible problems and fix them before they leave your garage. But you still get emergency notices about one of your trucks being stuck on the side of the road, while your client is counting the hours. It's not your fault; emergencies happen and none of us can truly guarantee a drive without any forced stops. But what you can do is to obtain a Roadside Assistance Coverage for your trucks making deliveries in Oregon.

Here's What a Roadside Assistance Coverage is All About

A Roadside Coverage Assistance is a type of trucking insurance that brings help to you if you are stuck on the road. Whatever it is that's stopping you from driving on, we'll help you solve it. This insurance acts as a real-time emergency help. Check out the types of situations this insurance can help you with:

  • Battery jump-start - Your truck drivers are not supposed to be able to fix the truck. Their main responsibility is to drive it to its destination safely and on time, and make the delivery to your client, as promised. So, if at some point during the drive the batteries give up, your driver is faced with two options. They can either try to jump-start the battery with no tools and expertise, possibly risking their own health and the truck itself. Or they can call the office and wait for hours, maybe even days for your help. Neither works for you. A roadside assistance team will determine the location of your truck driver and arrive there faster than you can. They will help you jumpstart the battery and let you successfully take over.
  • Emergency fuel delivery - Running out of gas won't be an issue if your driver keeps careful track of it. But if they ever forget to check and run out of fuel in the middle of the road, you've got yourself a problem you can't solve remotely. Your driver is not advised to leave the truck and find a gas station on their own, because your truck, trailer, or the cargo may be much more valuable than a few hours of waiting. If you have this insurance plan, a team will be dispatched to bring you the fuel you need to reach your next destination or gas station.
  • Emergency fluid delivery - The same goes for the fluids your truck needs to function properly. Smoke coming from under the hood? Don't ask your driver to go check it if they have not received proper training beforehand. Instead, call your roadside assistance team and let them handle the fluid problem. *Keep in mind that you may have to pay for the fuel or fluids delivered to your driver, while the delivery itself is always free, as a part of the plan.
  • Flat tire change - You may have a spare tire in every truck, but what if the accident occurs twice during a long-haul ride? A flat tire delivery is also a part of the roadside assistance insurance coverage in Oregon.
  • Towing your truck -No more hope for your old buddy? Then it's time to tow it away. The Roadside Assistance Service provides car towing up to 15 miles.
  • Locksmith service -The worst of all situations is keys locked in the truck. Or maybe your driver lost the keys or broke them in the lock. Don't blame your driver, they've been on the road for hours and could make this innocent mistake. A professional locksmith service is available to you if you've opted for a roadside assistance insurance plan.

Remember that this insurance works 24 hours a day, every day of the week, with no weekends. So, even if you're making an overnight delivery, you can still rely on this plan to help you out. Once you place the call, your location is confirmed and a team departs in a matter of minutes. Contact our experts today to learn more about the limits and conditions.