Keeping Clients Happy. Motor Truck Cargo Insurance in Oregon

Your main objective as a business or a truck driver is to keep your clients happy. And one of the best ways of doing so is to make sure they always get what's promised - their cargo. Some drives may be long and dangerous, especially long-haul drives, so how do you guarantee that your client will be happy at the end of the day? Show them that you have a motor truck cargo insurance.

If you earn your profits by transporting different types of cargo, you will need to get this insurance to build a flawless business process. Your insurance provider will be sharing the load of responsibility and compensation in cases when your cargo doesn't arrive as promised.

This type of insurance plan kicks in when the cargo is lost, vandalized or damaged while being transported in your truck, and you or your driver were at fault. The causes of damaged cargo may be fire, collision, or striking of the load.

Types of Trucks Eligible for Our Motor Cargo Insurance Plan

Unfortunately, we do not provide this insurance for all types of trucks. At the moment, the list of eligible trucks includes the following vehicles:

  • Dump truck
  • Tractor
  • Most trailers
  • Box truck
  • Cement mixer
  • Cargo van
  • Dually pick-up
  • Flatbed
  • Car hauler

Our cargo insurance plan DOES NOT apply to any of the following vehicle types:

  • Garbage truck
  • Limo
  • Bus
  • Hearse
  • Passenger van
  • Ice-cream truck

If you didn't find your truck in any one of the above-mentioned lists, contact our team. If your truck is, indeed, eligible for our motor cargo insurance plan, our team will do their best to customize an insurance plan that works for you.

Types of Eligible Cargo

We'd love to sit down and talk about your business, the types of cargo you transport, and the threats you come across every day. But before you give us a call, check the following list. We currently provide motor cargo insurance plans for all types of motor cargo EXCEPT those mentioned in the list below:

  • Art, jewelry, money
  • Pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol
  • Live animals
  • Property under custody
  • Property owned by the insured
  • Shipping containers
  • Explosive or radioactive material
  • And more.

If both your truck and the cargo are eligible for our motor cargo insurance coverage in Oregon, don't hesitate to give us a call to start discussing further details.

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Our Motor Cargo Insurance plan is available for trucking businesses and for-hire truckers operating in Oregon. If at some point during the long drive, the precious cargo has been damaged, dumped on the road or a waterway, this insurance may cover:

  • removing the cargo from the waterway or the road
  • removing the debris and/or pollutants the cargo has been infected with
  • further actions to prevent loss or damage of the same cargo
  • legal expenses
  • freight charges caused by the cargo not being delivered to the client on time

Remember that not all points may be available in a basic motor cargo insurance plan. For this reason, you need to contact our team to build an insurance plan that works both for your business and your budget. Also keep in mind, that this insurance is not available in all states and situations, talk to us about specific cases to find out more details

We've already seen so many cargo loss accidents, we know what can go wrong, when, and how. Our insurance agents will use this experience to give you handy, actionable advice which you can use to get a proper cargo insurance and improve your business processes.