Trucks, Trailers, and Business Vehicles. You Need a Commercial Auto Insurance

If you're using your truck or a trailer for business purposes, you need to obtain a reliable Commercial Auto Insurance plan in Oregon. Mind you, even if you're using the same vehicle for personal purposes as well, or maybe you've purchased it as a personal truck in the first place, you still need the Commercial Auto plan.

Moreover, if you have a personal insurance plan that covers every unpleasant situation that can happen on the road, you still need to get the Commercial Auto insurance, so that your vehicle will be covered when being used for business.

So, since we got that sorted out, it's time to review the short list of vehicles that qualify for this plan:

  • business autos-This means your cars, light trucks, vans and more will need the Commercial Auto plan,
  • trucks- Includes everything from dump trucks to trailer trucks, and everything else in between.
  • trailers- Implies to pickup truck utility trailers, large dump body trailers, and others.

Did you find your vehicle in this list? Then pick up the phone and dial our number. It's time we work on customizing a full-force Commercial Auto Insurance plan for you.

Don't Go Generic. Customize Your Own Commercial Auto Plan

No one knows your business better than you, that's why we want to sit down with you and have a chat about your company. A conversation like this will help us identify the types of elements that must go into your plan and those that can be an additional layer of protection. Here's the list of plans that can go into your package:

  • Liability - An absolute must-have and a plan that can save you a lot of money and reputation. A general liability insurance plan covers the damage your drivers inflict as a result of an accident. It includes a Bodily Injury Liability and a Property Damage Liability plans.
  • Uninsured Motorist -When the other driver is not insured, who's going to pay your expenses? To avoid painful situations like that, sign up for an Uninsured Motorist insurance plan.
  • Medical Payments-If as a result of an accident, your driver or their passengers need medical help, this insurance plan will cover their expenses.
  • Physical Damage - Trucks are not immortal. They will get damaged, vandalized, and maybe even stolen at some point. Have a Physical Damage insurance plan to make sure you can repair your truck faster, with no financial worries.
  • Non-Owned Vehicle - Any vehicle that is used for your business, but is not owned by you, nor are they mentioned in your policy, should be back by a Non-Owned Vehicle plan.

Security feels good, doesn't it? So why stop here? Keep reading our commercial auto insurance plans currently available in the state of Oregon.

Let's Talk About Your Trucks

If your business operates mostly or only trucks, give us a slice of your attention today, because you may need one of the following trucking insurance plans:

  • Motor Truck Cargo - For cases when your cargo gets damaged or stolen on the way to the client.
  • Motor Truck General Liability- If your truck was at fault for an accident with unpleasant outcomes.
  • Trailer Interchange-For cases when you're operating or transporting a trailer you don't own.

Get Your Trucks In Line

There are two more insurance plans that you may need, depending on your daily business operations and preferences.

  • Garagekeepers Legal Liability - If your clients tend to park their vehicles in your garage, you need to ensure their security. So, if a client's vehicle ever gets damaged or stolen from your garage, you'll need this insurance plan to resolve the situation.
  • On-Hook Towing- If the vehicles your driver is towing are damaged or stolen, someone has to pay for it. And it's not your driver, because we all know the damage cost is more than their salary. An On-Hook Insurance plan can break the tension.

Are you ready to talk more details? Give our team a call to get acquainted with our processes and resources. We'll help you find the most inclusive and affordable insurance deals out there. So, call today!