Affordable Insurance Plans for Motor Carriers in Oregon

We pride ourselves on our ability to present a variety of Oregon trucking insurance plans to our customers. Our clients like knowing their options, the available prices, and having the freedom to pick the one that best matches their business goals.

That is why we work tirelessly to offer not only mandatory insurance plans to motor carriers in Oregon but also any additional coverage their trucking business may benefit from.

If you are a for-hire trucker under permanent lease to a motor carrier, you can also get in touch with our team to browse the market possibilities for you. Some motor carriers will provide you with a Primary Liability insurance under their authority, but you will still have to complete the package with a Non-trucking liability insurance, physical damage plan, and other coverages.

But let's not rush into important matters.

Oregon Motor Carrier Insurance Requirements

Liability insurance plan: Thankfully, there is only one insurance plan you are required to have as a motor carrier in Oregon. Liability insurance coverage kicks in when damage or physical injuries are caused to a third-party, if your drivers were at fault during the accident. Mind you, accidents don't always mean collision on the road. This plan covers both bodily injury and property damage.

Accidents can also happen when loading or unloading the cargo. The cost of this plan will depend on the type of cargo you'll be hauling.

Optional Insurance Plans in Oregon

While the law says you're free to choose or refuse any optional Motor Carrier insurance coverage, we highly recommend that you add a couple additional plans to your package. The reason is mainly that we see too many common incidents that can be solved more quickly and easily if the parties involved have proper insurance.

Physical damage insurance:It is a responsible move to have insurance for cases when you cause damage to other people. But what if something happens to your truck? What if it is so damaged you can't take it out on the road the next day, and so you will lose money? Physical damage insurance coverage compensates the damage caused to your truck by irresponsible drivers, accidents, or natural disasters. This plan also includes:

  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Fire and Theft with Combined Additional coverages.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance: Your cargo is just as important for your business as your truck is. Customer happiness and company reputation depend on it. So, if you want to protect it from all sides, go for our motor truck cargo insurance plan. It will compensate your client if the precious cargo gets lost, stolen, damaged, or vandalized.

Uninsured Motorist insurance plan: Even if you obtain all the necessary insurance plans, there is always a chance that the other driver has none. And so if you ever come into destructive contact with their car, the absence of their insurance will mean that you won't receive timely compensation. The Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage was designed for those exact cases. Remember that this plan differs from state to state. So, get in touch with us to discuss how it works in the state of Oregon.

Medical Payments Insurance:Even if you're not transporting passengers, this insurance plan will cover all the medical expenses your driver might need as a result of an accident. Taking care of your employees will raise their brand loyalty and readiness to perform at their best. If you do transport passengers, this plan is absolutely vital for you.

Once you choose the list of insurance plans, we will get started on your paperwork and fill out the required filings. These documents are submitted on state or federal levels to elaborate on your future financial responsibility. If the legal process seems too complicated for you, we'd love to pitch in and help you complete the project. So, give us a call to get your insurance needs met!