It’s a Match! Pick Your Owner-Operator Insurance in Oregon

Chances of getting into an accident are almost always the same for every trucking business in Oregon. Yet many truckers don’t understand the utmost necessity of having a proper insurance coverage for all types of scenarios. Since you’re already here, let’s take this conversation a step further.

Our Truck Insurance Plans for Owner-Operators in Oregon

If you're operating a trucking business in Oregon, or if you're an independent trucker yourself, here are three of the most important owner-operator insurance plans we offer in Oregon:

  • Liability insurance Some of us are lucky to have jobs where our mistakes don't end with a human injury or property damage. But if you're an owner-operator in Oregon, you're driving through these dangers on a daily basis. Anyone who has ever worked as a trucker knows that a split second can result in a dire aftermath. But let's not assume the worst. If you've gotten yourself into an accident that was your fault and damaged the property of the other party, our Liability insurance plan will cover the damage for you.
  • Physical Damage Coverage But damage can occur to your own car, can’t it? There are no guarantees you won’t drive under a falling tree. So, opt for our Physical Damage insurance coverage to shorten your forced leave from a job that pays. Owner-operators know that even a week off from work will make it harder to pay the bills and put food on the table. Avoid these inconveniences, let our insurance plan cover any damage that may occur to your truck during a working day. The plan also covers any damage that can be caused by natural phenomena like a falling tree.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance We've covered the injured parties and your truck. By now you may have noticed that something is missing from the list. The cargo! In cases when it also gets damaged, vandalized or stolen, our Motor Truck Cargo Insurance will step in and gladly take the reins into its own hands. And although you still need to send an apology email to your client, they'll clearly feel less upset if compensation is on its way.

Important note for drivers under a permanent lease to a motor carrier

Here's what you need to know if you're under a permanent lease to a motor carrier in Oregon. Insurance requirements may be different for you depending on your motor carrier and their preferences. Some carriers demand a certain level of protection for all their drivers.

In fact, some motor carriers can also act as insurance providers for owner-operators in Oregon. If you're short on time, that may be a good option for you and your business. However, if you're interested in looking around and finding the lowest prices in the industry, go with your own insurance provider.

Give us a call to go over your list of required insurance plans, and our support team will happily direct you towards your goal.

So, what do you say?

A working day in a trucker’s life is full of stress and real threats from external factors (like irresponsible drivers on the road). It's not always your fault, or not entirely your fault. In any case, you will have to deal with the damage and go through a compensation process with the other party/s. Having an insurance plan designed for just the right probabilities will help you sigh with relief. Trust us, after-accident complications are more unpleasant than the tiring insurance research you're doing now. Be a responsible driver, back yourself up with our Oregon insurance plans!

An insurance process takes a while. Contact us today to start the conversation and gain a research buddy that also happens to be an industry expert.