Take Charge of Your Business. Private Carrier Insurance for Oregon Truckers

Hauling goods and crossing hundreds of miles every day is only one component of your job. You also maintain phenomenal concentration every hour that you’re on the road. There is also so much administrative, logistics, and insurance work that goes into your job! Take a break and let's talk about the insurance part. We're confident that we can assist you in this one.

Insurance Plans for Oregon Private Carriers

Just like owner-operators, private carriers in Oregon also need to obtain the following insurance plans:

  • Liability insurance
  • Physical Damage insurance
  • Medical Payments insurance

Liability Insurance Plan

As a truck driver or a trucking business in Oregon, you are legally required to obtain a liability insurance plan. Its coverage is aimed at compensating the third party who may have gotten hurt as a result of an accident caused by you or your driver.

This insurance has two subcategories, both of which are important - bodily injury liability and property damage liability. A Bodily Injury Liability plan covers any damage caused by a third-party person, i.e. the driver of the car that your truck crushed into.

Property damage, on the other hand, is designed to cover the expenses caused to a property owned by the third-party. Since both injury and property damage are common outcomes of car accidents, it makes good sense to be armed with a full Liability insurance plan.

Physical Damage Coverage

Since your truck can also be damaged during an accident, you need to make sure it can be repaired and returned back on the road as soon as possible. Delaying truck repair results in a financial loss every hour. A Physical Damage Insurance plan includes protection from collision, fire, and theft with combined additional coverages, as well as damage caused by natural disasters.

Medical Payments Insurance

Whether you're transporting cargo or passengers, human lives and health can be at stake. These human lives can be saved, incredible recoveries made, and stress reduced if you have a Medical Payments Insurance. As a responsible private carrier in Oregon, it's your responsibility to ensure that all safety precautions be taken for your passengers, and in case of an accident, compensation for medical bills be covered.

Share the Paperwork Load

Any business or an individual looking to obtain a Private Carrier Insurance knows that they will need to submit a filing first. A filing is a type of legal paperwork regarding your financial responsibility.

Oregon private truckers are required by law to obtain the minimal insurance coverage. More plans may be added to your package if you also operate across the state lines. In that case, you will also have to submit federal or state truck insurance filings.

And since we can already feel your frustration every time you read the word "paperwork," we'd like to offer you a friendly hand and ease the paperwork process for you. Our experts have helped dozens of clients like you. We know when your documents are in check and when they need more attention. Sharing this expertise with you is only one of our customer service values.

Don't waste time on hesitation, pick up the phone and schedule an initial consultation with our experts. We'll help you clear your mind, re-organize your options and help you choose the best one. And should you have any questions after the consultation, our support team will be glad to help you out with necessary information.