Reduce Insurance Costs. Check Eligibility for Our Discounts in Oregon

Bills never look good. We know it's not the best feeling to get insurance bills every single month. So, it is only fair that we offer you a list of insurance discounts that you may be eligible for. Take your time to go through each and every one of them. Should you ever have any doubts or questions about our discounts, give our team a call to discuss your case and receive a definite answer.

  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Discount - All our clients who have already signed up both for Commercial Truck Insurance and a Tow Truck insurance can qualify for our 2% discount. If you want to apply for this discount, make sure that you obtain a Commercial Driver's License beforehand.
  • Alternative Fuel - Do you also worry about the environment around us? We do our best to encourage cleaner energy and a bigger sense of responsibility towards the surrounding nature. So, if you want to contribute your share in pollution reduction and use of Alternative Fuel for your trucks, make sure you apply for our Alternative Fuel insurance discount.
  • Business Experience Discount -Are you a long time customer of ours? If yes, then we want to celebrate it with a discount. All our clients who have been with us for more than 3 years and have been subscribed to Business Auto insurance, Commercial Truck insurance, and Tow Truck insurance plans during that time period can receive our Business Experience discount.
  • Prior Insurance Savings - You've been a responsible trucker or a business for a year? Then call us to receive your reward! We offer a Prior Insurance Savings discount to all our clients who have been with us for a full year, without interruptions.
  • Package Discount - If you're subscribed to both General Liability and Business Owner's Policy insurance plans, you are eligible for our package discount. Contact our team if you intend to opt for a different package and are interested to find out discount available for your individual case.
  • Homeowner - If you've already settled down in Oregon and are a homeowner in this state, you're up for our 5% discount for your trucking insurance needs.
  • Increase Your Deductibles - Are you ready to increase your deductibles? Our team members will be glad to offer you an extra discount.
  • Paid in Full Discount - Don't leave it for later, pay in full now. It will only remove financial worries from your calendar, but will also make you eligible for our 15% Paid in Full discount.
  • Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer - Although we do accept cash payments, we have a special discount for our clients who prefer making Electronic Funds Transfer. Your bills will automatically be charged to your checking account, and no fees apply. Electronic fund transfers are faster, easier, and cost-saving, so why not give it a try now?

All these sound exciting but wait a minute...

Can't decide if you fall into any of these categories? No worries! Our team is trained to listen to your business story and determine if you are eligible for any one of our current discounts in the state of Oregon. If you can't find a discount that you like, still, give us a call and let's talk details. Our aim is to help our clients pay the lowest rates in the market and stay satisfied with their insurance shield at all times. If you leave your office knowing that no business emergency can ruin your evening with your family, we've done our job well!