Tell Us What Trucks You Own, And We’ll Cover Your Insurance in Oregon

If you manage a trucking business in Oregon, or maybe you are an owner-operator, chances are you deal with different types of trucks on a daily basis. Sometimes the client is in a dire need of a tow truck. In other cases, you’re simply transporting goods. Whatever your mission is, you need a reliable insurance package that will protect you from any accident that might happen on and off the road.


It's not very often you see a tractor driving down Oregon highways, but it does happen sometimes. Hear this, the dangers related to tractor operation are not limited to the crowded highways, accidents may happen in the field or a construction site too. Our insurance plans for tractors cover all the possible scenarios.

Pickup Trucks

These trucks are used to transport not only cargo but also passengers. And that's exactly why we need to have double coverage. Whether your pickup truck is heavy duty or standard-bed, it's an important component of your business process, so take the time to protect it from unpredictable situations.

Tow Trucks

Tow trucks are used to transport other vehicles. Without proper insurance, any damage, loss, or mishandling of the cargo can result in millions of dollars in damage. This amount can potentially push down on your business. You may even go out of business or end up in court if you do not have proper insurance.

Box Trucks

Box trucks are the most common truck types we see on the highways, which means they pose the most danger to the public. And although we trust in the skills and knowledge of your drivers, hours behind the steering wheel can exhaust even the most attentive person. If you're a private carrier, we're happy to offer you insurance plans like Liability and Physical Damage. All for-hire truckers are also welcome to browse our plans like Cargo insurance and Non-Trucking Liability coverage.

Dump Trucks

These trucks are designed to load and transport dirt, sand, etc. However, everyone in the industry knows that loading a dump truck appropriately takes expertise. Yet, sometimes you may miss a tiny detail that can grow into a disaster on the road. If you're operating dump trucks for your business in Oregon, contact our team to find out the insurance possibilities for this vehicle type.

Regardless of the type of truck you own, make sure to check out the variety of our insurance plan like Liability, Medical Payments, Physical Damage, Uninsured Motorist, and many others.

More, More Trucks!

Besides the standard list of trucks we insure, here’s an additional list of vehicles we cover:

  • Ice-cream truck
  • Agricultural truck
  • Bucket truck
  • Car carrier
  • Cement mixer
  • Delivery van
  • Garbage truck
  • Catering truck
  • Refrigerated truck
  • Street sweeper
  • Tank truck
  • And many more.

The Cost of Truck Insurance: What to Expect?

There is no standard cost for our insurance plans. Every client gets a personalized service and package based on their business characteristics, vehicles ready to be insured, and other relevant aspects. The final quote will greatly depend on your answers to the following questions:

  • What type/s of trucks are you looking to insure?
  • What type of cargo will your trucks be hauling?
  • Do you possess the required certifications and licenses?
  • And others.

We know it's a tough job to be a trucker. You spend hours and maybe even days behind the wheel, operate a huge vehicle, and regularly keep an eye on the precious cargo. It takes a lot to keep a client happy. Make a step forward and relieve your troubles with a full insurance plan. Less stress and worries, better concentration on the job.