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Types of Trucks We Insure in Oregon

Long Haul Trucks

Does your business use standard-bed, heavy-duty, or any other type of long haul trucks? They are eligible for most of our insurance plans so don’t hesitate to call us today!

Tow trucks

Tow trucks typically carry precious cargo, so they are common targets for theft, damage, and vandalism. Find the appropriate insurance plan to cover the risks.

Box trucks

Box trucks are not only a threat to other drivers on the road but they can also take down your business reputation. Maintain a good name and take care of negative outcomes with a proper insurance plan.

Dump trucks

Some of our insurance plans provide sufficient protection for dump trucks. Give us a call to learn more about mandatory and voluntary insurance plans you can get for your dump trucks.

We are your truck insurance partner in Oregon

Your business is our priority

That’s why we dedicate our time to learning more about you and your services. We start by sitting down with our customers and really hearing what they have to say about their company. Only after that, we get down to real business and find the most relevant trucking insurance plans for you.

Trust in our experience.

We’re not a newbie in the industry. In fact, we’ve already served hundreds of companies like yours. This means that there is no emergency, accident, or threat we haven’t calculated. Years of experience and regular training is what helps our team deliver superior work every day of the week.

Our customers are our family.

If they are unhappy, we are unhappy. Our main goal is to cover the field for insurance so that you can focus on growing your business. Our customer support specialists are ready to help you out 24 hours a day, regardless if it’s a quick question or a costly accident in hand. We are only a call away!

Trucking Insurance is Our Forte. We Bring Variety to Businesses in Oregon

We have been in the Oregon truck insurance market for years, displaying an undefeated dedication to serve all our clients. We’ve worked with companies that offer trucking services, as well as businesses that use trucks as a part of their operations. You can find help with us even if your business owns and uses only a single truck.

Customer satisfaction and bringing value to our clients are at the core of our values. We work tirelessly to understand every business that relies on us, to determine the exact risks they are facing, and to offer the most efficient solutions in a form of insurance coverage in Oregon.

Our agents are fluent in numerous insurance types. We offer General Liability and Medical Bills insurance plans so that your drivers can feel safe on the road. Furthermore, the variety of truck and cargo insurance plans will make sure you suffer a minimal financial loss should an accident occur. For any other emergency, we offer additional insurance plans and a great deal of customization.

As a trucking company or an owner-operator in Oregon, you know that doing business is not an easy task. There are many elements you need to see to - work on your service quality, train your drivers, update your equipment and trucks. Leave your insurance troubles to us, and we’ll guarantee that your investments are well-protected with adequate compensation.

Safety is a priority, don’t let accidents jeopardize your business, get insurance today! Call our team to start the process.

Types of Trucking Insurance Plans We Offer in Oregon

Owner Operator Insurance

Are you an owner-operator based in Oregon? Call us to browse the owner-operator insurance plans available in the market today. Together, we will find the lowest rates and fight for the best terms for your business.

Private Carrier Insurance

We not only offer individual insurance plans but we also comprise insurance cocktails should you need multiple plans. So, if you’re a private motor carrier, call us to talk about General Liability, Physical Damage, and Medical Payments insurance coverages.

Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Long Haul drives can be unpredictable. Hours seem longer, days pass slower, and accidents can occur in a split second. Make sure your drivers, trucks, and cargo have proper insurance.

Motor Carrier Insurance

For-hire trucks operating in the state of Oregon also need to be protected by reliable insurance. There is a vast variety of liability, physical damage, motor truck cargo, and other plans in the market. Or let’s customize your own package!

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Keep your clients happy so they keep your business going. Make sure that they receive appropriate compensation if their cargo arrives damaged or goes missing. A good Motor Truck Cargo insurance plan can improve your customer retention rate.

Motor Truck General
                                        Liability Insurance

Your drivers are human, and sometimes they make mistakes too. Don’t let these innocent errors cost you financial hardships and lawsuits. A Motor Truck General Liability insurance plan covers these mistakes and offers compensation for the third-party.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Have the habit of driving your truck after work hours? Your primary insurance does not cover these drives, so call us to find an affordable non-trucking liability insurance plan for you. Whether you’re on your way home or to a family dinner, safety must always come first!

Trailer Interchange Insurance

You are responsible for all the trailers you transport, even the ones you don’t own. Trailer Interchange Insurance protects the trailer while it’s being hauled by your trucks.

Oregon Trucking Insurance

Insurance can cost a lot, which is why we work very hard to bring you a vast variety of insurance discounts in Oregon. Find your business in our discount list and give us a call to confirm your eligibility.

Commercial auto

If you’re a trucking business in Oregon, you need not one but multiple insurance plans to close any chance of risk your trucks encounter on the road. Check out this list of Commercial Auto Insurance plans and give us a call to talk about each.

Tow Truck Insurance

If you own or operate a tow truck, you know it’s not an easy job to drive these vehicles. Even if your drivers are well-trained and extremely skillful, an additional layer of protection won’t hurt. So, check out our Tow Truck insurance plan.

Commercial Insurance Coverages

Risk and good business never go hand in hand. Organize your insurance process wisely so that you can focus on business growth instead of emergency repair. A list of Commercial insurance coverages will guide you to your goal.